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Adulting 8: The Joys of Domestic Technology.

I bought a new bin.  Not the most interesting of introductions to our blog conversation & not before time according to my Mother, but there it is. Every time, I walk past the bloody thing the lid flies open. It's one of the automated ones you see, all you need to do is walk past it & the lid flies open. I bought this bloody thing because I had  hoped it would help me to finally gain at least the impression of control of  the chaos that is my kitchen. In reality all that has  happened is that it has introduced another new form of anarchy that I am not ready for.   The opening and closing of the bin lid happens in a way that I don't understand and have no control of.  All I need to do is walk past it in the vaguest way and the lid flies open in a very random & aggressive fashion reminiscent of the till in Arkwright's Store. I am reasonably certain that my younger son finds this hilarious as he breezes through the house lively and in full control of all the technol