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Shitty Badge

  Who knows how these things really get started? The finger of blame can be pointed in several directions i'll save your blushes (Paul, Scott, and Trace)  The truth is like many things it started as a joke that became a theme and suddenly before you know it you have 'Guess The Stain' and Shitty Badges. We have all missed a lot over the last year. For me I haven't worked in any way near normal, I've been cloistered in the same way as many other people. In normal times I travel frequently with my job, all over the UK and Europe, but now I'm ensconced in my old man chair next to the radiator. It has always been the comfortable spot in our house.  Where thoughts are thought, reports written, stories told knees bandaged and hearts mended. Not my normal thing.  I've done a good line in being a weekend father over the years, something I'm at ease with now and I've made peace with. My boys, grown now understand this and they've asked their questions and