Shitty Badge


Who knows how these things really get started?

The finger of blame can be pointed in several directions i'll save your blushes

(Paul, Scott, and Trace) 

The truth is like many things it started as a joke that became a theme and suddenly before you know it you have 'Guess The Stain' and Shitty Badges.

We have all missed a lot over the last year. For me I haven't worked in any way near normal, I've been cloistered in the same way as many other people.

In normal times I travel frequently with my job, all over the UK and Europe, but now I'm ensconced in my old man chair next to the radiator. It has always been the comfortable spot in our house.  Where thoughts are thought, reports written, stories told knees bandaged and hearts mended.

Not my normal thing.  I've done a good line in being a weekend father over the years, something I'm at ease with now and I've made peace with. My boys, grown now understand this and they've asked their questions and I've answered them as honestly as I can.

There have been health scares, frightening, but thankfully benign.   The mental health roller coaster has been fitted with a turbocharger all while running a new business in a pandemic.  Fun times for anyone and not just for me but for us all.

No sympathy needed we're all on the same page here so far I think

So then there's primordial radio and it's wonderful tyre fire of a family. Primordial has become my daytime companion even if truth be told I'm more of a rock fan than a metalhead. It's the attitude that wins it for me.

The radiator stemmed from simply saying good morning, friendships have been made with people who I have yet to meet. People that I care about and they care about me & check in on me. I've made mistakes and they've been patient.  I have my idiosyncrasies but they've been welcomed.

I've been surprised at times at how much I have missed my normal routine; it's true,  but also at how little. A Lot of the previous normal has been replaced with something that I value more. in many ways

So if you have a Shittty Badge it's a direct result of the primordial family and of the relationships that we have all been building over the last 12 months.

But in the absence of a perfect world & not being able to share a pint or a coffee with you, if we can have a bit of a laugh & I can send some of you a Shitty Badge and have it mean something to you then I'll take that.

For me, that's a good win.


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