Stuff 9: Grampa's Blowtorch


I have struggled to write recently.

There's nothing unusual in this. But I suppose in the circumstances that we're in it's happening more to us all in many ways. 

It was helpful then that I have my friend Donna to bully me. She will no doubt claim that I was merely being "encouraged" to get my rear end in gear and produce something. I'm not fooled, but the point was well taken. 

To ease my way back into things I thought I would revert back to the familiar. 

This is my grandfather's Blowtorch, and it was one of the gifts that was passed on to me by my Aunt and my Mother.

Most of the time it sits on a shelf in my living room and it has become another one of those curios that evoke fond memories. This struck me as odd when I thought about it properly, because I never actually saw my grandfather use it. So I have no real memory of it. It was just one of the items in the tool chest when it was given to me.

In real terms it looks like what it is. An old tool that has been used in an industrial setting over many years. It's more than a little dirty & tarnished.

I have discussed the pros and cons of cleaning it up. Trying to restore a bit of shine to it. But to me the signs of use & slight dents are really things that only add to the beauty of it and draw my eye in further to it.

The wear and tear of daily life add a depth and a character that would not otherwise be there.

The point I'm building towards is that this was used to make things, to build things, to mend or preserve them. 

There is honour in this. Life changes us all, we are marked by events and issues. We are made unique by them.

We are all bruised, tarnished and dented at times by life. 

In trying to make, build, mend or preserve, we will be altered, we may even be bruised or tarnished by it. We don't see ourselves as others see us, but character and beauty are added through experience.

And for me that is where beauty & wisdom is made.

I guess I will leave it as it is. 


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