Adulting 9: A little bit of joy


Every time I look at this photo, it makes me smile.

I believe that this was the reaction that the artist who painted it was looking for.  A fox painted on a pebble, that was left on some steps a few weeks ago.  Placed randomly & deliberately to be found.  

I saw it & it made me smile.

After the year we have all had & in the uncertain days that we still find ourselves, a little joy can be a vital thing.  The disruption & separation that Covid has placed on us has affected everyone, I don’t know anyone that hasn’t struggled in one way or another through this.

For me, at times the anxieties have been real & very present at times.  Maintaining my professional life, without being able to travel has brought its challenges. So a daily walk has become a very necessary tonic.  A simple thing that makes a big difference.

There is a joy in creating something, but there is a deeper joy in sharing it, that is where the meaning is created - in its sharing.

The fox was obviously meant to be found, to be picked up & enjoyed. I chose to leave it, but I noted that it was gone the next time I passed the steps where it had been.

A little joy. Joy in the creation, joy in its discovery.

This was one painted pebble on one set of seafront steps, but it had an effect. It’s a busy seafront too. 

I suppose the lesson for me is this:  Try to do something nice, then share it, it’s a win-win after all.

Spread a little joy.


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