Places 1: Pennard Castle, Gower:

With everything that's been going on, or rather not going on lately, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to look through some of the photos that I've taken over the last few years and reorganise them. I've had the Good fortune with my job to travel quite widely mostly in the UK for many years, but in recent years more widely. I thought I would share some of my favourites.

A lot of the time I don't take my photos particularly seriously and have tended to use them as an opportunity to make light of situations. To my father's chagrin I suppose for much of my life I have avoided it entirely.

But more recently I have been trying to find new ways to express myself so I suppose this has a been another journey for me.

With this photo I'm starting at the beginning in many ways. This is a place that many generations of both sides of my family have loved and that I have visited more times than I can easily remember.

Pennard is a castle on the Gower Peninsula, it stands on a promontory overlooking Three Cliffs Bay. In childhood days my parents on rare trips back to South Wales from Hertfordshire or Shropshire would always take us down the Gower. Favourite places would always be Rhossili, Caswell, Langland, Mumbles and of course Three Cliffs. Usually followed by a trip to Joe's, which is a pilgrimage in itself for anyone who knows Swansea.

The castle itself dates apparently from the 12th century although the picture is actually of The gatehouse which is from the 14th century. The valley floor has a shallow stream that meanders down to the sea flowing past the famous cliffs to the sea.

For me I can never go to three cliffs or to Pennard without being transported back to the many times my brother and I and later our Sister would be jumping for hours in and out of the stream and racing up and down the sandbanks to the castle.

There would be a picnic with a blanket, bottle of orange squash, sandwiches and cake always cake. There are no shops down Three Cliffs so simple is best.

It's a magical place for me, I wasn't born in Swansea and neither were my kids but, I'm so pleased that they both have have always loved this place and many other places in Wales. They feel the magic of it in the same way as I do.

We can't travel at the moment obviously but if ever you find yourself near Swansea and have time on your hands take yourself to three cliffs bay and feel the magic yourself. And obviously go to Joe's……..


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