Places 4 - Revonlahti, Finland:

Today's photo was taken during my second trip to Finland, during a time where I genuinely for a while lost track where I was quite often. My life at that point became a series of airports,hotels and hire cars.

I may discuss my first trip to Finland later but that is a different story and I need to find the right picture to tell it first.

In this trip I had flown to a city at the north of the Baltic sea called Oulu. The reason for this was that in that region of Finland there are two large steel works that I had been tasked with going to see for reasons that are now irrelevant.

To make a long story short I spent the best part of a week with just me in a hire car driving up and down the north coast of the Baltic sea in Finland. I had a wonderful time.

Today's photo was taken near a place called Revonlahti, when I had stopped to buy coffee and a sandwich. Now Finland, you may have noticed or heard has no shortage of two things lakes and trees. So my thought at the time was to get a good photo of one or both of those subjects.

Unusually for me I spotted that the sun was poking through the trees in my parking near my parking spot in quite a nice way and I was very pleased with the photo.

For clarity I have applied a little bit of filtering to the photograph to bring out the colours, but not much, and only really with the intention of annoying my father who hates that kind of behaviour, so Dad this one's for you.


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