Places 11 - Ronda, Malaga, Spain:

Ronda is a town that is situated on the top of a mountain overlooking the El Tejo Gorge about an hour from Marbella. The town dates back to Moorish times & is very beautiful.

I went there as part of a work function where I had been required to attend a conference for 6 long days. We were all cooped up in a hotel in Marbella and were forced to listen to boring business talk from a hotel conference room overlooking Marbella beach.

Anyone who knows me very well will know that this will not have left me in the most positive frame of mind. Especially given that, as goes with the nature of these type of events there was very little downtime.

So my reaction when told we were going on a sightseeing trip to Ronda was unenthusiastic to say the least. I'm being polite there I was extremely unenthusiastic. But my boss at the time suggested that it wouldn't reflect well on the UK if we were to avoid, so we went.

I'm glad we did go, because the view of the gorge from the top is stunning. I've always been pretty pleased with this photo, but I can promise you that it does the view no justice.

But just for a change I have applied no filters.


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