Stuff 7 - The Welcome Wall:

I don’t know whose idea it was, but it was definitely one of my kids. The finger of suspicion with this type of idea usually tends to point at my younger Son.  This is not to say that the elder son is free of potential blame, he just tends to escape suspicion by keeping schtum & flying under the radar.

If you have been to our house, it is highly likely that you will have been invited to make your own unique contribution to “The Welcome Wall”.  The Idea is simple, we draw a circle, you paint something in it that you feel represents you best.

Over the 16+ years we have been doing this it has grown from a novelty thing we did for  a bit of fun, into something that we cherish .  For the 3 of us here at the Eastern Divisional HQ of the Mitchell Tribe it is an important thing to invite our family & friends to make their mark.

It’s always an interesting process to watch.  We have identified 4 stages that most, but not all people go through during the process of making their mark:

Stage 1: Initial Panic - Oh no, I’m crap at this sort of thing. I don’t know what to draw. Make Her/Him go first.  Seriously, are you making me do this?

Stage 2: Reluctant Compliance - Oh OK then if means you will leave me alone. Let me think for a moment.  You are going to make Him/Her do this too right?


Stage 3: Enjoyment & Immersion - I haven’t done this kind of thing for years.  Oh I love XYZ Stuff, I think this best represents me. Lots of concentration, tongues bitten because of the depth of thought.  Care is taken.

Stage 4: Enjoyment - I enjoyed that. I’m really pleased with that. Is that really going on the wall?  I will see that everytime I’m here!

What we have ended up with is an ever changing visual record of the friends & family that have visited our home.  Some of them are very old, drawn by young children who are now adults, but their marks are there.

My Father says that “the essence of good photography is that you are capturing a moment” in its own way that is what we have here.  It's always growing and each circle is unique & reflects the uniqueness of the person that creates it.

In the end I think it represents the expression of each person’s uniqueness & our acceptance of that person.  Everyone has something interesting to say or show about themselves in my experience.

This is our wall & it means you are welcome here.


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