Stuff 3 - Mam's Woolie Pullies:

Ok so it's part 3 of my totally self-indulgent display of my favourite stuff and it's time to discuss knitted goods.

Even if you have only the vaguest, most tenuous connection with my Mum there is a strong likelihood that you will have already received some form of knitted goods from her.

On display today are two of my jumpers and my eldest son's jumper along with my teddy bear. All feature jumpers knitted by my mum.

The chances of receiving the aforementioned knitted goods increase exponentially if you have had or are going to have some form of child, grandchild, niece, nephew or charity event. She's always got something on the go, several things on the go usually. We are all so used to seeing my mum sitting in a chair with a bag of knitting next to her feet and whatever project she has going on her lap.

She only needs the vaguest excuse to launch herself into an exciting new project and the needles start whirring again. It's just what my Mum does. I've discussed knitting with her several times and she always gives similar answers as to why she loves it so much. There is the obvious and well-known relaxing and stress relieving nature of knitting and also there is joy of being able to create something new by yourself.

I suppose it goes with the nature of my father's profession that we tend to spend quite a lot of time talking about his work and what he's doing at particular times. So what Mum does sort of slips under the radar a bit & I suspect she prefers it that way really.

But I can't count the amount of projects that my mum has taken on, she's always making something for someone. There always seems to be a long queue of people with projects for Mum to take on especially my sister and youngest nieces, who are alway full of ideas.

I remember as a kid going to school in jumpers knitted by my mum and being laughed at because we didn't have 'proper jumpers'. We never cared though because our mum had made them, that was enough for us.

Sometimes people still question why I'm wearing a particular jumper. Especially the brighter example. The truth is I still care just as little about anyone's opinion.

But from time to time I still remind myself what a friend said to me once on the subject of home baking 'the most important ingredient of any cake is love'.

We buy and wear so many items of clothing and assorted stuff, often because we like that brand for whatever reason. We attach ourselves to whatever Brand or Team, because we think it brings some measure of acceptance. It’s a kind of security blanket I guess, we all crave acceptance. Ultimately though a lot of what we buy into tends to not really be that important. That favourite sports team or Brand that we particularly identify with, performing artists, films. They all seem less important to me at the moment.

My Mam's Woolie Pullies though are unique and I know the major component part of every knot & stitch them is love. I guess that’s something I prefer to buy into.


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