Places 9 - Pattaya, Thailand:

So far the photos that I've been showing you have only brought back positive memories. They have been snapshots of things that have either made me laugh or I just enjoyed them for their beauty.

This occasion just made me uncomfortable and I suppose I'm pleased with this photo because it conveys that.

The photo was taken on the 31st of October 2018. I would describe Pattaya as Thailand's version of Blackpool. It's a party resort that is a mecca for western travellers who want to have a good time.

The seafront is beautiful and is lined with restaurants and bars. I had some brilliant fish the evening I was there. Leading off the seafront there are tightly packed streets, reminiscent of the Yarmouth rows or the lanes in Brighton.

The only difference being that every building is a bar and there are hundreds of them. Every bar has a different theme and each bar has a band or a singer and every bar has has several call girls waiting for trade.

I'm not going to get moralistic or preachy. I know that the obvious problems are real. I saw for myself the sleeze that comes with many western visitors. I also saw a lot of laughter and people who appeared happy with their vocation.

I didn't know the answer then and I don't know now.

But I did feel uncomfortable


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